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There are certainly a lot of things you can do on the net. You can book a plane ticket to March, buy drinks of all kinds, get a ticket to the Lakers game and yes meet a hot girl who wants to suck your nuts so well that her throat muscles effectively cook your balls!

Now there is the matter of the Bedpage. They first appeared on the net about 2 years ago and have quickly become the go-to spot for anyone looking for hot and horny chicks in just about any part of the world from Timbuktu to Pyongyang. Not that I recommend you take a trip to North Korea just to put it in a pussy that could grind your cock into dog meat!
Well, here’s our Bedpage review.

Fucking bitches everywhere

Do you have a nasal cock? So a site like Bedpage is exactly what your doctor ordered you to bookmark! It’s free to use, and you can create a free account at any time to get the most out of whatever is in sight.

The site is set up simply, with a white background. The option to sign in to the account is at the very top left of the page, along with an option to post ads. A long search button is available at the top of the page and allows you to choose locations. So, if you are looking for escorts, call girls and masseurs in Alaska, for example, you can type your search query in the search bar and get enough results to put your cock in a knot!

The rest of the page lists towns and villages sorted by country. The United States and Canada are the first countries listed, followed by European countries and Asia-Pacific. Australia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean come next, with the African section coming last. This section is the smallest by the way, which is a shame because African girls can often have pussies to squeeze the cum in your brain once you insert that cock!

The bottom of the page has the About Us section, contact details, terms and conditions, and other stuff that no one bother to read.

Living the escort life

Surprise Surprise! is more than escorts and sex. It’s like the adult version of Craiglist and lists all kinds of jobs and services. Escorts of both sexes are also available, along with doms, masseurs, strippers and just about anything you can handle.

Clicking on any city on the homepage will open another page where you can select whatever you want from adult entertainment to anything else. If you click on the adult section, you get a plethora of profiles for you to choose from.

The people behind these profiles have their contact information listed, and so contacting them and finding out if they are taking it in the ass should take little time. Most of these profiles have photos and videos showing what the artist looks like, but if you plan to book them, be sure to ask for a current photo series or video to avoid telling your friends stories. Still, the ads in the adult section all seem to look the same and are mostly written in all caps. Why I do not know.

Conclusion of the bed page review is really impressive on paper and has a pretty straightforward site design, as well as a very comprehensive list of people offering XXX related services that are free to use. Still, it seems obvious that the site hosts a lot of fake profiles, but that only means horny guys like you should be on the lookout while getting in touch with its escorts and call girls.

Overall I think Bedpage makes a lot of sense, especially for those who are new to an area and want a fresh pussy that they can drip into!

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