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I’ve been traveling a lot lately and the only thing stopping me from going crazy is the fact that I can book endless sexy and sweet escorts and charge them to my company’s expense account. Don’t be jealous, because if I cum, you cum too, but only in your dreams!

Anyway, given the wide variety of escorts I’ve seen so far, I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to write another review of an escorts site. The escort site I have in mind is called Fatal Model, which suggests that you can find lots of femme fatales there who will bounce on your cock like it’s the best trampoline in the world and chew your cock. in ribbons if you ever bring that one-eyed wonder near their mouths anyway!… Here is my review of Fatal Model. It could be fatal to your sanity!


Do you speak portuguese? Well, you will have to sign up for language courses because the fatal model is entirely in Portuguese. I guess it’s not aimed at the English speaking audience which is a real shame as Spanish and Latin girls are some of the hottest, most sex loving freaks this planet has ever known!

I don’t speak much Portuguese, but I didn’t need a translator to interpret the prompt that presented itself once I went to the Fatal Model homepage. This indicated that the site was only open to people who were at least 18 years old. You had better take a good look at your birth certificate if you are unsure of your actual age and plan to visit the site soon. If you are a minor and click on this site, you can be sure that Delta Force personnel will open your door within the hour. I laugh!

The Fatal Model home page seems easy to use. Even if you don’t speak a little Portuguese, it won’t take you long to figure out how it all works. The homepage is a straightforward affair, with a background color that looks like your semen from a week old. There is a drop-down menu at the top left and a search bar a little further down. This search bar is used to search for escorts by location. So if you are near Rio De Janeiro for example, just enter the name of the city and the escorts in and near that city will appear. And yes, Fatal Model is for Brazilians or tourists to Brazil whose penis wants to crawl into a narrow place where they can cry!

Slightly below the search bar is a trio of options. You can click on it to choose whether girls, trans or gay escorts appear on the homepage. Below is a list of all supported Brazilian cities and there are plenty of them.

Fatal escorts and their fatal butts

Most of the homepage is taken up by escort profiles, with rates, distance, a brief bio and other information provided. Each escort profile has an attached image that can show a woman in a bikini or a fully naked, highly edible pussy.

Once you click on an escort profile, you are taken to their profile page. This has much more comprehensive information, including a mine of naughty / nude images, the services she’s willing to perform, and a video of her showing her phone number. Some escorts have photos and videos besides the ones that show their number and you can always jerk off if you’re in a rush.

Further down each escort profile page you will find similar escort profiles. However, not all escort profiles have images and videos. I still don’t know if these profiles are real or not.

What I think

Fatal Model could be a lot better. It could have an English option, a more complete list of escorts, a more eye-catching design, etc. Still, the girls on the site look just peachy, the ones on the front pages at least.

So I would recommend Fatal Model when you have a trip planned to Brazil and need to see the magic with which an escort in this country can bless your Woody of Sin!

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