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LiteErotica is a sex story site that’s probably older than most of our readers! If it was a person, he would be of voting age and would probably be a grandparent! The site started in 1996, when the internet was slower than a brain turtle and downloading porn was an exercise in endless patience! Its appeal was that it offered hardcore smut in the form of sex stories, rather than providing age-old videos and images to download and watch…. Well, here is our review.

Lite and nasty as fuck

It seems the owners of the site behind didn’t get the memo and still believe we are living in the 90s. Poor them! The site design here is in serious need of an update and should be thrown in the trash.

Once you type in the name of the site, you are taken to a screen asking you to choose from stories, XXX apps, live webcams, adult toys, XXX movies, forums, and links to a few. XXX sites and exam locations. Clicking on the Stories option takes you directly to the collection of stories this site has to offer. These are presented on a page whose appearance is painful for our eyeballs. At the top of the page are the sign-in and registration options, and below is a language option for choosing from the few supported languages.

You can choose to see only the most recent or popular stories or choose the ones that fall under categories like Anal, BDSM, Erotic Couples, Group Sex, and Gay Male. The story categories section is on the left side of the page, with links to other sites, announcements, and lots of confusing information.

We clicked on the Anal Story category and it took us to a page that was a bit prettier than the home page. The default page is set to Most Recent Anal Stories, although one click is all you need to view all submitted anal stories. It is also possible to browse the stories section in alphabetical order.

Example titles include Buttercups First Anal, Fun With New Neighbor, Anal Oops, Shy Ronnie, and Night Of Pure Bliss. Each title has its submission date indicated, as well as its rating and author.

Readers can rate a story whether they are members or not. It is also possible to comment on a story either anonymously without being a member of the site, or as a member.

The quality of the story is generally high, and we wouldn’t hesitate to hire most of the platform’s writers if we were running a publishing house.

What we think

The site design here could win awards for inconvenience and inefficiency. It is also very difficult to understand. Overall, LiteErotica has plenty of sex stories that you’d better read and remember, but the design of the site is a serious drawback to taking full advantage of the benefits on offer here.

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