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What if every porn star was an open book? This means you can learn anything you want about these adult models.

This rarely happens, as most adult models don’t like to talk about their current and past lives. This means that if there is a pornstar you love and might have developed feelings for, learning what you can about them could take you hours, as you search and browse the net. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, with sites like providing intimate details and bios of a few thousand pornstars and letting fans know as many of these hot girls as they care…. Read on for our review of MyPornStarBook.

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Style it has, but the MyPornStarBook homepage could do with more color. The main tabs here consist of Home, Categories, Pornstars, Live Sex, and Top Pornstars. The last two tabs are actually fronts for Rabbitcams and Brazzers.

The site’s logo is on the far left and shows the silhouette of a naked baby on an open book. Beautiful breasts she has!

A search bar as long as the Brooklyn Bridge is the next thing to see on the page and right above it are links to straight and tranny porn sites. The links from the cam site and the XXX porn site are actually all over the page, littering it like dog poop on a summer day!

Thumbnails of the best pornstars take up most of the homepage space. These photos show their faces rather than their naked bodies, which is disappointing.

Some of these girls are Nicole Aniston, Audrey Bitoni, Nicollete Shea, and Madison Ivy. We clicked on these image thumbnails and got an extremely brief bio of the pornstars involved, as well as a ton of image gallery links.

Then come a few XXX categories like Anal, Hardcore, Black, Blonde and Teen. Clicking on any of these categories reveals a large number of girls that fall into those categories. From there, their biography and image galleries are accessible.

After the categories section is the most recent galleries section. As of the date of our login, over 20 new galleries have been added. From this, it’s easy to deduce that content updates are a very regular thing and that site owners take their creation very seriously.

Then a link to a mobile version of the site. Site statistics show that the site features a total of 3,710 pornstars and over 73,000 unique galleries. Not bad.

What we think

Our biggest gripe here is the ads. The ads are scattered all over the page and even a few of the main tabs are ads in one form or another. Second, only photos rather than videos are available here. Third, porn star bios can be very short. It is unfortunate.

Overall, tries very hard but just doesn’t impress much.

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